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Saturday, June 25, 2022
Sunday 05 June 2022

Jermaine Jackson - Save Tomorrow

Jermaine Jackson - Save Tomorrow
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Jermaine Jackson - Save Tomorrow

1. Radio Edit 3:39

2. European Radio Mix 3:37

3. Extended Mix 5:12

4. Short Edit 3:04

5. Extended Instrumental 6:09

Produced by Gareth Cousins for Dusty Records
Executive Producer: Paul Sutin & Andreas Weihs
Recorded and Mixed at Dinemec Sound Studios Geneva, Switzerland

AWP251-2 I LC 05490 I GEMA
The copyright in this sound recording is
owned by Dusty Records / AW Music Productions
A Unit of AW Music Entertainment Group. All Rights Reserved.
Copyright © by Andreas Weihs. All rights reserved.
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"Save Tomorrow", the song written and composed by singer/songwriter Theresa Rhodes and performed in a duet by her and legendary Jermaine Jackson more than 25 years ago, is remastered and for the first time available as Jermaine’s solo version. The song is produced by Gareth Cousins for Dusty Records label. The British recording engineer and music producer Gareth Cousins is originally trained at Abbey Road Studios and best known for his score mixing work on films such as Gravity, Baby Driver, Suicide Squad, and Notting Hill.

Theresa and Jermaine first met each other in 1994 in Zimbabwe during an anti-elephant poaching campaign and they started discussing the many concerns about the world. Theresa told Jermaine about her first song that she wrote and composed after seeing constant terrible images of war zones where "too much pain, too much sorrow" happens and especially children becoming victims. Theresa played "Save Tomorrow" for Jermaine and he liked its message and he offered to sing it with her. Theresa and Jermaine publicly performed "Save Tomorrow" together during a charity concert in London before recording the duet version in December of 1994 at Dinemec Studios in Geneva, Switzerland, produced by Matt Clifford.

The duet version of "Save Tomorrow" was originally released in 1995 by the Dusty Records label of AW Music Entertainment Group. Jermaine and Theresa went on a huge promotional tour across all major cities in Germany to make numerous appearances on television, radio shows and live performances in discotheques. The single reached several top ten positions in various German radio charts. A music video for "Save Tomorrow" was also made showing Jermaine and Theresa working together in the recording studio and it was assembled with Red Cross images of the war in Sarajevo, as well as footage showing the Rwanda exodus following the genocide in that country. However, the video was deemed “too sad” to go public at the time, so little use was made of it during the promotional tours and it was finally shelved. The video was later published on YouTube only a couple years ago.

Experiencing that music is a universal language all over the world and loving to reach people through his music, Jermaine uses his voice and fame to create social impact by addressing the state of the world and bringing positive messages across. “Save Tomorrow” was and is a timely reminder of the horrors happening in the world and close to our borders. The remastered solo versions of "Save Tomorrow" by Jermaine Jackson are released for the first time ever by AW Music Entertainment Group in 2022 to help place the spotlight on humanity and peace in the world.

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Wednesday 01 June 2022

Manfred Mann - Pretty Flamingo


Manfred Mann Pretty Flamingo

Mark Barkan's superb song about being in London 1966. The speaker describes a woman—whom "all of the guys call 'Flamingo',

'cause her hair glows like the sun and her eyes can light the sky"—for whom the singer has fallen, and his plans to win her love

More below video...


The song became a hit in 1966 when Manfred Mann's recording of it was released as a single. and reached number one in the UK Singles Chart on 5 May 1966.

The recording features future Cream bassist Jack Bruce, who briefly joined the band in 1965.

The original demo of the song was recorded by noted New York City vocalist Jimmy Radcliffe stylized for The Drifters, but songwriter Mark Barkan was dissatisfied with the overly produced results and had Radcliffe recut the song with a pared-down arrangement.

The speaker describes a woman—whom "all of the guys call 'Flamingo', 'cause her hair glows like the sun and her eyes can light the sky"—for whom the singer has fallen, and his plans to win her affection.

Mark Barkan's daughter said that it was based on a girl who lived above a parking lot in his neighborhood: Barkan and his friends used to call out to her.

After Barkan's death in 2020, Paul Jones of Manfred Mann said: "I'm a little bit ashamed to admit that not only did I never meet him, but I never even got in touch to say thank you for the song. But I would like to thank him posthumously."


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Sunday 05 September 2021

Python Lee Jackson - In a Broken Dream (1972)


Python Lee Jackson - In a Broken Dream 

A song by Australian rock band Python Lee Jackson featuring vocals from Rod Stewart and produced by Miki Dallon. (originally produced by John Peel for Dandelion Records)


Originally recorded in 1968 and released in 1972 reaching number 3 in the charts.
Written by Dave Bentley



Python Lee Jackson were an Australian rock band active from 1965 to 1968, before a brief sojourn in the United Kingdom from late 1968 to mid-1969.

The group had recorded a single, "In a Broken Dream" (October 1970), featuring Rod Stewart as guest vocalist in April 1969.

The group reformed in 1972 and the single was re-released in August: it peaked at No. 3 on the UK Singles Chart and No. 56 on the United States Billboard Hot 100. The group disbanded again later that year. Their early vocalist, Mal McGee (1966–68) died on 17 May 2012.

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Friday 10 June 2022

Cilla Black - Alfie (Live)


Cilla Black - Alfie (Live)

This is what happens when you've got Burt Bacharach enthusiastically conducting, George Martin producing and Cilla singing in the same studio!

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Wednesday 08 June 2022

Sandie Shaw - Girl Don't Come 1964


Sandie Shaw - Girl Don't Come 1964

An Essex thing...Brought to you by Sandra Goodrich of Dagenham

Written by Chris Andrews


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Wednesday 08 September 2021

The Beatles - A Day In The Life

The Beatles - A Day In The Life
John Lennon, 1967: “I was writing the song with the ‘Daily Mail’ propped up in front of me on the piano. I had it open at their ‘News In Brief,’ or ‘Far And Near,’ whatever they call it. There was a paragraph about 4000 holes in Blackburn, Lancashire, being discovered.”
  John Lennon, November 1968: “It was a good piece of work between Paul and me. I had the ‘I read the news today’ bit, and it turned Paul on. Now and then, we really turn each other on with a bit of song, and he just said, ‘Yeah,’ bang, bang, like that. It just sort of happened beautifully, and we arranged it and rehearsed it, which we don’t often do, the afternoon before, so, we all knew what we were playing…I needed a middle-eight for it, but that would have been forcing it. All the rest had come out smooth, flowing, no trouble, and to write a middle-eight would have been to write a middle-eight, but instead Paul already had one there. It’s a bit of “2001,” you know.”
Paul McCartney: “It was about me remembering what it was like to run up the road to catch the bus to school, having a smoke and going into school. We decided, ‘Bugger this. We’re going to write a turn-on song.’ It was a recollection of my school days. I would have a Woodbine then, and somebody would speak and I would go into a dream. That was the only song on the album written as a deliberate provocation.”
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